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How Much Space Do I Need For A Pool Table?

It's a question we are asked often.....

....but, the answer is not always that simple.
There are a number of variable factors that you need to consider.
First, how big is the table? By this we mean the playing surface and not the outside parameters of the table itself. After all, when taking a shot, the tip of the cue will be placed somewhere within the playing surface, not the edge of the table.
Second, what size cues would you like to be using? Whilst we can supply cues from 57 inches down to 36 inches, there comes a point where you might prefer to drop down a table size rather than play on a bigger table with a very short cue.
Third, what other items of furniture are in the room and how does that impact on cueing space
Finally, how easy is the access to the room. Remember, we need to get the table into that room in the first place and whilst some tables have multi-piece slates and component part bases, others do not. This means that turns of stairs or corridors can be impossible to navigate.
Still not sure - contact us for our rough guide room sizer. Thanks.