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Which Pool Table Is Best For Me?

Buying a pool table is a reasonably sized decision so it is important to make the right choice for you, your family and your home. You should be thinking about :

Budget : Board top tables are less expensive than slate bed tables but can be problematic. We always suggest buying a slate bed table if your budget allows.

Space Required : Snooker and Pool Tables range from 12ft to 6ft in length. Always remember to allow for cue-ing space around the table. We have a handy Room Sizer that can help.

Colours and Design : Pool Tables have got funky. You can make a real statement with non standard body and cloth finishes.

Room Accessibility : Pool Tables are heavy and whilst they normally arrive in the Algarve in their component parts (table body, legs, top frame and slate) sometimes it is just not possible to get the bulkier pieces into the room of choice. With a bit of notice, we can request that a table arrives in kit form so we can actually build it in the room of choice.

Time Frames : We keep a generous stock of all our Pool Tables in the Algarve ready for immediate delivery.

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